Absurd chocolate turds, hand made and sent to order!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Nope its all chocolatey goodness.

Yep…. we’re serious! I said ….YES MUM WE’RE SERIOUS!

ITS OKAY, we all have bad days! We have an email address so make sure you contact us ASAP.

Yes! just select to add a customised message at checkout.

No, not at the moment but possibly in the near future so keep an eye out!

Well the average person on Facebook has 338 friends, so we’re thinking ….. ALL OF THEM!! haha ok so we’re guessing that maybe that’s 1 or 2 more than you wanted to send. how about these suggestions:

  1. Coworkers
  2. Ex Girlfriend/Boyfriend
  3. Roommates/Landlords
  4. Your Best Friend or Not So Best Friend
  5. Secret Santa
  6. Teachers
  7. Your Estranged father
  8. Favourite Politician
  9. Current Girlfriend/Boyfriend
  10. Justin Bieber
  11. Grandma
  12. Pretty much anyone with a beating heart! And a sense of humour!

Nope. We add a full ingredients list with the chocolate poo so the receiver can always check the list in case of allergies or dietary requirements.

Yep its edible, and nope we don’t know if it looks the same coming out as it did going in!

Yes you can, I mean who doesn’t love a golden turd?!

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